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Below are the English language publications of the IMEW related to disability and bioethics. More publications of the IMEW are also available in German

IMEW Briefing

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
IMEW Briefing, No 11, March 2008

Disability Mainstreaming
IMEW Briefing, No 10, December 2007

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis - A Questionable Procedure
IMEW Briefing, No. 3, January 2003

Human Dignity - An Indispensable Idea
IMEW Briefing, No. 2, September 2002

What is Bioethics? Towards a scientific understanding of a controversial discipline
IMEW Briefing, No. 1, June 2002

Full Text Publications

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
United Nations, 2006

European Disability Policy - Disability Policy in Europe: A German Perspektive
Anne Waldschmidt, 2005

No end in sight to cloning debate
Sigrid Graumann / Andreas Poltermann, 2004

Recognition of Neediness and Difference. Remarks on the Relationship between Disability and Ethics.
Sigrid Graumann, 2004

Bioethics or biopolitics? On the relationship between academic and public discussion of the "selection" and "manipulation" of human life
Sigrid Graumann, 2000

Experts on philosophical reflection in public discourse - the German Sloterdijk debate as an example
Sigrid Graumann, 2000

Germ-line gene "therapy": Public opinions with regard to eugenics
Sigrid Graumann, 1999

Some conceptual questions about somatic gene therapy and their relevance for an ethical evaluation
Sigrid Graumann, 1999

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