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About the Institut Mensch, Ethik und Wissenschaft

New questions raised by Life Science

The developments in the biosciences and their uses in medicine and biotechnology have opened up a whole array of new options, procedures and requirements at an individual level and in society at large. What was a matter of fate yesterday must be decided upon today. The speed of innovation in this field has brought new individual, social, ethical and legal problems to our attention. Embryo and stem-cell research, prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis, gene diagnosis, research on people unable to give their consent for the benefit of others and intervention in the human gene-pool are among the most important areas demanding closer scrutiny. Advances in medical technology have blurred the recieved views on the beginning and end of life and in so doing have challenged us to reevaluate the whole idea of life itself. For the dying and the incurable, those in a vegetative state and babies born with severe impairments the questions raised have an obvious relevance.

Tasks and Goals of the Institute

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