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EU-Project STACS

Since March 2007, the Institute 'Mensch, Ethik und Wissenschaft' and five other european partners have been cooperating in the project STACS.

The project is funded within the Sixth European Research Framework (FP 6) - Science and Society - Programme.

STACS is the acronym of "Science, Technology and Civil Society - Civil Society Organisations, Actors in the European System of Research and Innovation".

The project aims at promoting the dialog between researchers and NGOs. To this end, the goals are:

  • to create opportunities and build capacities for researchers and NGOs for the development of common research ideas,
  • to collect, prepare, and disseminate information on the EU-research funding system so as to rouse interest in participation and show where to interfere and how to get funding for projects,
  • to identify ways how to include NGOs into the processus of the development of EU research frameworks and funding programmes.

Conference "Mainstreaming Societal Engagement in Research Issues", 3. March 2009, Brussels (pdf, 530 KB)

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